I will not remain silent. We must not go numb.

Fine. I won’t talk about gun control, even though it’s my First Amendment right as an American to do so. I will not remain silent.

Let’s talk about ammunition control.

Let’s talk about silencer control.

The right to bear arms does not equal the right to bear bullets.

Let’s talk about responsible gun ownership.

I grew up in Arizona. I have shot guns. I like it. It’s fun. I don’t own a gun now, but I agree that people who are vetted should have that right.

Can vetting for buying a gun be on par with getting a driver’s license or an abortion? Or becoming a documented immigrant? Seems fair.

Let’s also talk about the toxic culture of violence. Why do we as a society worship weapons? What patterns emerge about the shooters?

I respect your faith, but until we do something about gun violence. I would prefer that you keep your “thoughts and prayers” between you and God.

Your “warmest condolences” give me no comfort and little faith.

Our leaders’ inaction after the murder of children and the shooting of politicians speak volumes. This is indeed the “price of freedom.”

From my cold, dead hands.” This kind of “freedom” clearly trumps life, (other people’s) liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is a death cult.

This is not about angry people clinging to their “guns and religion.” This is about guns AS religion. False idolatry. A deadly industrial-capitalist cargo cult.

Killing is good for weapon makers’ stock prices. Fear drives consumption.

If one day, God forbid, I am a victim of gun violence, please politicize my death to make sure that we move forward towards a safer society.

But then again, my queer, immigrant, non-white life probably doesn’t matter to those holding on to their “freedom.” Collateral damage. “The price we pay.”

They/we are even willing to sacrifice their/our own. So much for “All Lives Matter.”

As long as we keep talking about gun violence as an inevitable force of nature, a natural disaster, this will keep on happening.

Just my 2 cents and #TuesdayThoughts on gun violence, since this has become an almost monthly, weekly thing.

We must not go numb.

Keep talking. Keep grieving. Stay angry with righteous anger. Call your elected officials.

Donate blood, money, and help if you can. Talk to somebody who disagrees. Comfort a family in distress. Hug a loved one.

Make art and music that can help shift our culture of violence.

Live every day like it will be your last in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Monument to Non-Violence at the united Nations
Monument to Non-Violence at the united Nations
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