I Will Not Settle For an Extraordinary Life

I will not settle for an extraordinary life. No, I want something much more than that. I want to suck the marrow out of life and drink from the wine filled nipples of Bacchus. And, while drunk on life, I want to discover my purpose in living.


I want to live in such a way that when I return to my Creator I can tell Him a story that He has never heard. I want to listen to the angels whispering purpose into my ears and surprise them with my eagerness to do their will.

I want to surround myself with people much smarter than I and be in rooms where I know far less than everyone else. I want to listen to those around me and learn everything that I possibly can and turn that knowledge into action.


I want to love with absolute abandon and share all of the joy and pain of each great love so others can learn from my exposed heart. I do not want a marriage but someone to share this epic journey with me. When I see the face of my child, I want to have so much experience to share with them that I give them the confidence from their very first breath to know that they can indeed change this world.


I want to be inspired by both my friends and foes and live in a constant state of inspiration. I want to go mad with both joy and sadness and have moments of absolute ecstasy and absolute despair. While in the moments of my greatest despair know with certainty that my Creator is teaching me how to embrace the next moment of Divine happiness.

I want to travel and discover every culture, religion, food, political system and world view and understand from the deepest part of my being that it is all part of this perfect Creation. I want to stand in unity with the repressed in any nation and overcome the challenges with a unified love.

I want to contribute in whatever way I can to end suffering for all beings. I want to take seriously that human beings were given dominion of this planet and we have failed our Creator greatly. I want to participate to the best of my ability to reverse the damage we have done and actively work to create HEAVEN on Earth.

I want the bulls I run with in Spain to trample my ego and any thoughts of myself as Jennifer Howell. I want to know that this body is nothing more than a shell to house my soul. I want that eternal soul to be free to do exactly what it is here to do in this lifetime.

I want to be an addict of generosity and gratitude. I want my addiction to be so strong that people who choose alcohol, drugs, prescription pills, gambling and sex addictions want to leave their vices behind and join me in my all consuming habit.

I want music to fill the air and to dance like no one is watching. I don't want to go to concerts but to show up with the band. I want to sing out loud even though I can not carry a tune. I do not want to be a back up dancer, I want to be Beyonce fearlessly performing on this stage of life.


I want all of these things because I believe that the greatest insult to the Divine Creator is not living to our fullest potential. I know from the place of my eternal soul that we were created to dream bigger, love larger, give more than we can possibly imagine. I want all of these things for the collective consciousness of all beings and for the effort of starting to build HEAVEN on earth.