I Will Resist: A New Year's Prayer

For the ancestors, who now dwell in the company of angels, accosted and assaulted while present upon the earth, enduring avalanches of animus of which have never been atoned, I will resist. For babies bombarded by bombs, bounties placed upon their beautiful heads at birth, I will resist. For the cacophony of cries citing crimes against humanity, callous cycles of crisis with casualties colored in chalk upon concrete, I will resist. Until the lion lays down with the lamb, until we study war no more, until everything is not just everything, but what it’s supposed to be, I will resist. Until we are free. Against hate, against racism, against oppression, against suppression, against xenophobia, I will resist. Until peace is not just two digits raised in the air, until justice flows like waters, and righteousness, like a mighty stream, the LORD being my help and my witness, I will resist. Amen.