What I Wish For My Daughter

This past week we took a much, let me emphasize, much needed little family vacation. Over and over my little girl (in between meltdowns because let’s face it, life is not all it seems to be on a beautiful Instagram feed) would look at me with a huge grin and say, “Momma, I have fun.” It made my heart melt, actually, I would just melt into a puddle after that.

Vacations cost money, I get that. Yes, it very much was not free what we did and what we experienced. However, the true happiness that was so visible on her face was in those moments. What drove the smile and the laughter, in the long run, was the quality time together day in and day out. It was the attention she needed, we all needed and deserved. It was taking care of ourselves and ultimately living life to the fullest. It was an incredible feeling to give her that. The opportunity for this kind of joy, a joy you experience when you purely live in the moment.

And that made me think, what else would I give to my daughter in this life. No possessions but actual quality driven gifts or takeaways from leading by example.

I wish for my daughter…

The ability to know her self-worth and to never allow another being to ever make her feel incapable. That she realizes her value in this life is irreplaceable.

The confidence to walk away. In relationships, in work and in life, I hope she understands we are granted one life to live and if her instinct is calling her to move on, that she should trust it and start again.

To always lead with kindness. That acceptance and love are not signs of weakness but strength. That living a life with open arms is the ultimate in living authentically.

The control to not give into temptations. To always assess her situations and value herself so much that fame and fortune never drive a greedy heart and soul.

The strength to know she is capable of all things great and all things good. Her mind, her heart, her hands are powerful and she alone can move her own mountains or use her own abilities to make something good for someone else.

To strive for contentment versus happiness. That happiness is how she feels in a moment and to understand that it is temporary. Contentment is a mindset and lifestyle when her whole soul will feel alive and good.

To find and hold onto her passions. To realize that she is meant to dream and to dream big and to never give up on the things that spark her soul and the things she can’t fall asleep to because they stir excitement.

The discipline to hold herself accountable for her life. Nothing is fair and she cannot wish for things to happen out of jealousy and resentment. This life is what she will make of it and if she is unhappy with her season, chase a new way.

The wisdom to know when to speak her mind and when to hold steady in the silence. That power comes from spoken word but also from knowing when to bite her tongue.

To possess the will to always stand up and fight for herself, her beliefs and for her dreams. To realize that at the end of the day, she will only stare back at herself when she looks in the mirror. So, she should be the person she wants to see.

The faith to know I will always be there and always have her back. No matter what life path she may choose, she will know that her Momma has an open heart and open arms to love her unconditionally and always catch her when she falls.

Originally appeared on the Blog, Backwards N High Heels.

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