I Wish We Didn't Have To Thank Alabama For Not Electing An Accused Pedophile

But here I am.
The scene at Republican Roy Moore's election night party in Montgomery, Alabama.
The scene at Republican Roy Moore's election night party in Montgomery, Alabama.

When my husband came to bed last night, he informed me that Roy Moore lost the election in Alabama. I was so relieved. I honestly didn’t know if Doug Jones would be able to pull it off.

Then I thought how sad it was that I was relieved. Why on earth would it even be an option to elect an accused pedophile and sexual predator to the United States Senate?

Yes, I know, Alabama had not elected a Democrat to the Senate in over 20 years. Big f’ing deal. Things have to change. If he is the best the Republicans can put up to run, we have a major problem people.

What kind of message is this sending to our children?

I have two little boys that I am ― hopefully ― raising to be good people with values and respect for women. What would it say to them if I told them they could be a high ranking government official and grope women, all while having multiple sexual harassment allegations and a history treating women like second class citizens? It’s no big deal kids. It’s locker room talk.

Oh wait, I can tell them that a man with multiple sexual harassment allegations that brags about grabbing women by the p**** can be the president of the United States.

We have a problem people. A major problem. This is not OK.

We talk so much about instilling values in our children. We need to start instilling values in everyone, like the people that run our country.

Do we have to spell this out?

- It is not OK for a man to grope a woman against her will.

- It is not OK for a woman to grope a man against his will.

- It is not OK to attempt to have sexual relations with someone that is underage.

- It is not OK to give someone hush money so the world doesn’t find out that you objectified them.

- It is not OK to sexually harass or molest anyone.

Let’s teach our children to be good people. Let’s teach them right from wrong. Let’s do the work to put people in office that are not morally corrupt.

No, no one is perfect. But a line has to be drawn. And right now that line is very gray.

But you know what, here I am, writing this article and thanking Alabama for seeing the issue here.

Thank you Alabama for changing the way you vote. It is a huge win for our country.

But I say that in a sad way. I don’t want to have to thank you Alabama. But until the rest of the world catches up, here I am.

Thank you Alabama. You have given me hope in the people of the United States of America. That one day I can assure my children that the men and women running our country are the good guys.

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