I Wrote Senator Jeff Flake A Letter Last November. I'd Tell Him The Same Thing Today.

We could do with a few more representatives like him.

I don’t write very many handwritten letters anymore; however, on November 14, 2016, I mailed one to Senator Jeff Flake. I wrote the letter, because I was scared about what had happened on November 8, 2016. I was terrified about our future and nervous about what America would become under this new president who seemed determined to tear it apart.

Part of my personal healing was to take action, and one of my first actions was to write a letter. I wanted to thank Senator Flake for the strength he displayed throughout the 2016 presidential election. I didn’t pretend that I shared his political worldview; I just told him that I shared his belief that we should treat each other with respect and kindness. I admired his willingness to risk his standing in the Republican party by speaking out and against Donald Trump throughout the entire presidential campaign. He always stayed true to himself. His speech on the Senate floor on October 24 indicates that he’s still not willing to put his party over our country. I continue to be impressed by his moral fiber.

I’m sharing the letter I wrote to Senator Flake. I’m just as proud of him today as I was in November. We could do with a few more representatives like him - those who aren’t afraid to stay true to themselves and speak up when they don’t feel something is right. You don’t have to agree with his politics to be sad to see him go.

Senator Flake, thank you for your service.

* I sent similar letters to Governor John Kasich and Senator Lindsay Graham, as they too impressed me throughout the election season.