Ian and Anthony on "SMOSH: The Movie" and Their Sexy Wax Figures

It's been a big weekend for Smosh's Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who were the first guests on our debut episode of the What's Trending Podcast and made it to the top of iTunes with their feature film debut. The YouTube superstars took some time at the Firetalk stage at Vidcon to tell us about "SMOSH: The Movie" which premiered on Friday.

Their Madame Tussauds wax figures were also unveiled on the red carpet - an honor that was requested by their legions of fans.

So which ones are hotter, the real Smosh or the wax figure Smosh?

"I'd say the wax versions of us, because they don't talk," said Anthony. "And there's some muscle definition but it's really hard, so it feels like you're really buff even though you're not."

Ian added, "I also felt my bulge, and it is also very hard."

You can buy the movie on Vimeo right now at www.smoshthemovie.com.

Listen to their full interview on the podcast here > bit.ly/WhatsTrendingPod