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Connecticut Man, Ian Stankiewicz, Finds Wallet Lost Roughly Three Decades Ago (PHOTOS)

A Connecticut man stumbled upon a piece of history while hiking in Milford, Conn.'s Eisenhower Park earlier this week.

Twenty-one-year-old Ian Stankiewicz tweeted Wednesday that he discovered a wallet that was nearly three decades old.

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According to Yahoo News, he and a friend came across the item while walking through a dried swamp. Inside the wallet, Stankiewicz discovered damaged photos as well as a Connecticut driver's license, insurance and Social Security cards, and credit cards that had all expired by 1987.

The contents indicated that it had belonged to a Connecticut woman by the name of Doris H. Coulombe.

"She lived in West Haven, Conn., basically all of her life with most of her family," Stankiewicz told Yahoo. "It was about 15 minutes from where the wallet was located."

During his attempt to track down Coulombe and return the wallet, Stankiewicz learned that she passed away last year at the age of 95 -- but he was able to connect with her family members.

He told HuffPost via email, "Turns out Doris (the lady who lost the wallet) was visiting her husband's grave site when someone smashed her car window and stole her purse. She then chased the men down the road!"

Last month, spelunkers reunited a New York man with a wallet he lost in a cave in 1996.

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Wallet Found Decades Later

Wallet Found Decades Later

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