Ian Ziering On Tori Spelling's Reality Show Hardships: 'She Knows What She's Doing'

"90210" heartthrob Ian Ziering "loves" Tori Spelling, but doesn't "pity her."

The actor explained that while Spelling's health problems and marital woes are "so hard to see," his former co-star made a conscious choice for the "True Tori" cameras to capture it.

"I don't pity her," he told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker in an interview on Friday. "She knows what she's doing. And we've all been -- most of us have all been -- in relationships, and you go through these ups and downs. Hers just happen to be televised."

"But Tori knows what she's doing," he continued. "They know there's cameras around, and I think at the end of the day, they'll figure it out."

Ziering, who stars in the upcoming TV film "Sharknado 2," recognizes that Spelling's tough situation helps fuel the success of her show.

"How can you not watch a train wreck?" the actor said after admitting to watching the weekly series. "...It's reality programming. This is what they look for with that type of content. So, I'm sure the ratings are huge, everyone's talking about it, mission accomplished for the network!"

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