This Company's Chips Are Already In Your House. IBM Wants To Connect Them To The Internet.

Look around your house. Chances are, there’s a computer chip based on the architecture of Advanced RISC Machines in it somewhere.

As of June 2015, over 11 billion processors based on the British chipmaker’s latest design have shipped. ARM processors are in smart televisions, high-end refrigerators, home security systems, garage doors, smartwatches, modern medical devices, oil derricks, shipping containers and new cars. And now, a new partnership between ARM and IBM is going to start connecting them to the Internet more easily.

IBM is expanding its software platform for managing the rapidly expanding number of devices connected to the Internet of Things.

 “We see the Internet of Things driving the same changes that the Internet has on the market,” Chris O’Connor, IBM’s general manager for the Internet of Things, told The Huffington Post.

They’re responding to the growing needs of clients in multiple industries to manage devices, demonstrate risk assurance and run data analytics on them. And going forward, the more than 1 billion ARM chips that ship every quarter to come will connect automatically to IBM’s Internet of Things platform.

 “Virtually every industry is trying to see how this wealth of connected devices, supplied by folks like ARM, can be put to work,” O’Connor said. “By accelerating billions of devices, we will create new opportunities to improve costs, new business models, and streamline business.”

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