<i>Boston Globe</i> Assails 'Hillary Strangelove' On Iran Comments

Assails 'Hillary Strangelove' On Iran Comments

This morning, the Boston Globe launched the most aggressive editorial broadside yet against statements made by Hillary Clinton last week on Good Morning America, where she promised to "totally obliterate" Iran if they attacked Israel, comparing the Senator to fictional film character "Doctor Strangelove" and calling her statements a "red line that should never be crossed."

While Clinton has hammered Obama for supporting military strikes in Pakistan, her comments on Iran are much more far-reaching. She seems not to realize that she undermined Iranian reformists and pragmatists. The Iranian people have been more favorable to America than any other in the Gulf region or the Middle East.

A presidential candidate who lightly commits to obliterating Iran - and, presumably, all the children, parents, and grandparents in Iran - should not be answering the White House phone at any time of day or night.

Meanwhile, over at CNN's Late Edition, Senator Diane Feinstein and Representative Pete Hoekstra were sounding bipartisan support for diplomatic tactics to be employed in dealing with Iran.


ThinkProgress goes on to point out that even the current Joint Chiefs of Staff nether expect nor recommend military action be taken against Iran, despite the recognition that the Iranians are continuing "to supply weapons and other support to extremists in Iraq." No word on whether this would change if Iran further extended their hostilities toward Israel.

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