Ibrahim Elhoseny Proves Playing Table Tennis Without Arms Is Far From Impossible

Imagine playing table tennis with your hands tied behind your back. That's what it's like for one disabled table tennis player from Egypt.

After he lost his arms in an accident when he was 10, Ibrahim Elhoseny didn't let the incident keep him from playing his beloved sport. He instead holds the paddle in his mouth and uses his foot to help him serve.

Elhoseny has been quietly making a name for himself in the table tennis community for the past several years. In 2012, an impressive video surfaced of the athlete displaying his unique technique at the 2011 African Championships.

The Egyptian player was most recently invited to square off against seasoned players at the ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships. In a video from the event, which was held in Tokyo this year, Elhoseny shows off the breadth of his table tennis skills as he uses the force of his body to return the ball.

"I hope this shows people that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard," Elhoseny says in the video (above).



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