#iCANHELP Delete Negativity on Social Media: A Wave of Positive Warriors to Combat Bullying and Cyberbullying

Online cruelty, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, digital harassment, slander, Internet defamation, virtual impersonation -- the Internet has a dark side.

At Excelsior Middle School in Byron, California, a fake Facebook page was created to poke fun at a teacher. This act of deception and meanness prompted a reaction that has brought together students and teachers for a common cause by creating kindness through positive messages.

The students decided they were going to start a wave of change by creating a campaign called #iCANHELP Delete Negativity on Social Media. They call themselves the Positive Warriors.

Shortly after forming this group, a student named Jessica was a victim of peer cruelty. A hate profile page went up with vile content maligning Jessica. #iCANHELP jumped in to get the page removed and created a fan page for her, helping her to know she is not alone.

This crusade to Delete Negativity Online is spreading! According to #iCANHELP, the school-wide campaign has now spread to more than 100 schools across California.

Follow them on Twitter and join them on Facebook find out how you can become a Positive Warrior!

Takeaway tips:

• Start your #iCANHELP Campaign today
• Send a positive message each day to at least one person
• Use hashtag #iCANHELP Words matters, keystrokes count, use them with care