Ohio Police Have Suspects In Horrific Ice Bucket 'Prank' On Autistic Boy

Police in Ohio say they have identified the persons responsible for a disgusting and heartless ice bucket challenge "prank" in which feces, urine, and other waste was poured on a Cleveland-area teen with autism.

Bay Village police chief Mark Spaetzel told CNN that they have suspects in the case, but won't release the identity of the pranksters because their investigation is ongoing.

"To me, it's reprehensible... that these kids would take advantage of a vulnerable teenager," Spaetzel said, according to the Associated Press.

Video of the incident was discovered on the teen's cell phone by his mother. She told WJW that her son was tricked into having a mixture of human waste and cigarette butts dumped on him after other kids told him it was part of the ALS fundraiser. She said her son didn't tell anyone afterward because he was embarrassed.

The boy's family asked that the video be shared so that others could share in their outrage. A version of it edited to protect the victim's identity went viral last week, prompting precisely that.

Comedian Drew Carey, who is a Cleveland native, contributed $10,000 to a reward fund set up by Bay Village police in the hopes of bringing the pranksters to justice. Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg joined Carey on Sunday, offering $10,000 each.

Police said that the incident appears to have been filmed at a Bay Village home prior to the start of the school year. Bay Village High School said it would take disciplinary action against any students involved.

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