Fox Contributor: Comic Book For Undocumented Kids Incites 'Lawlessness'

In fact, the pamphlet specifically tells children not to lie to authorities.

During a “Fox & Friends” segment Tuesday, contributor Jedediah Bila expressed outrage over a comic book designed to teach undocumented immigrant children how to respond if approached by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

On Monday, the Sacramento Immigration Coalition announced the publication of “When ICE Comes Knocking,” which is set to be distributed around a handful of California counties to help inform immigrants of their rights

“What kind of message is this sending to kids, to everyone?” Bila asked, claiming “it helps kids avoid the feds and escape.”

In fact, the pamphlet, of which there is also an adult version, specifically tells children not to lie to authorities, and points out the importance of contacting an attorney and maintaining silence.

Former acting ICE director Tom Honan then called it a “sad day in America when they create a comic book that shows children how to protect your parents form law enforcement.”

“It’s asking for total lawlessness,” Bila falsely declared.

During a press conference unveiling the publication, the Sacramento group’s chair Janet Rodriguez said she was “really proud to see this moment come to fruition,” and urged the public to share the document.

Duane Campbell of the League of United Latin American Citizens, one of the project’s sponsors, has already distributed more than 1,000 copies.

“We take them to places like, English as a second language classes, we take them to classes at the university and tell them to please take it to your local church, take it to your local bar, take it to any place where migrants hang out,” he said.