A Look At Ice Cream Around The World Will Inspire The Wanderlust In All

Will travel for ice cream.

Ice cream gives us more incentive than we’ve ever needed to travel. We will stand in long security lines to get closer to great ice cream. We will deal with small, cramped airplane seats for ice cream. Every country has its own unique take on this frozen, sugary treat.

Italy makes gelato that cannot be matched. Germany serves ice cream that looks like spaghetti. And India flavors kulfi with the wonderful tastes of pistachio, saffron and cardamom. Take a look at ice cream around the world in this beautiful infographic by Fairmont and tell us that it doesn’t inspire the wanderlust in you.

From the UK to the US, from Italy to India, we have compiled a list of the most popular ice creams around the world. From Kulfi to Gelato, how are they made and what's in them?
Produced by Fairmont
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