5 Ice Cream Scooping Hacks That'll Make Life So Much Easier


The heat is sweltering, the humidity unbearable. The only thing that sounds tolerable is sitting in an air-conditioned room -- or eating a couple scoops of ice cream. And you need it immediately.

Sadly, we're all too familiar with ice cream that emerges from the freezer as a frozen block, impossible to scoop and causing way too much frustration for a food that should be bringing you joy. But your spoons will no longer wind up bent, thanks to these ice cream scooping hacks.

1. Freeze your ice cream in a zipper-seal plastic bag. Suck all the air out of the bag, which will prevent your ice cream from making contact with the air, thus keeping it softer and easier to scoop immediately.

2. Run your ice cream scoop under hot water before diving in to your pint.


3. If you plan on using an entire carton, slice it down the center, then cut semicircles out of the two halves.

4. Or run a knife under hot water, then slice the ice cream into a checkerboard shape, with the knife running one inch deep. Scooping should become a breeze.


5. Scoop your ice cream in an "S" shape. Since it melts from the outside in, digging a hole in the center is inefficient.

Happy scooping!

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