Ice Cream Soda Recipes (PHOTOS)

Just like the drive-in movie theater and the two-dollar bill, soda fountain shops are a thing of the past. While there was a time -- not that long ago -- when every town had one, these days the few soda fountain shops that exist are just a novelty experience.

Back in the day, these shops were a place where people gathered; they were a part of the everyday landscape of life. Children got sodas there after school; adults would stop for a cup of coffee. And it all centered around the men (known as soda jerks) behind the counter -- the men who invented the ice cream soda. (While there is some dispute over who the actual man is that invented the now-famous drink, we do know he was a soda fountain operator.)

Even though the soda fountain shop is no longer around, the ice cream soda is here to stay. Of course the root beer float is the most iconic ice cream soda combo, and that one still pops up on many menus across the country. But the possibilities for ice cream sodas are endless, the flavor combinations countless, and fun additions boundless. So in honor of the creator of this bubbly treat, here are three ice cream soda flavors we just love.

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Ice Cream Floats