Ice Facial For Smaller Pores And Better-Looking Skin? (VIDEO)

We first heard about the very bizarro-sounding ice facials on Pinterest. The idea behind it is pretty simple: by running ice over your pores, you can effectively reduce their size and appearance. Huh. It sounded at once intriguing and totally dubious. So naturally we headed over to YouTube to see if we could clear things up.

YouTube beauty blogger Michelle Phan had some insight with this green tea and vitamin E-infused ice facial tutorial. By mixing those two ingredients with water and freezing the concoction into an ice tray, you can reduce any A.M. puffiness by rubbing the murky-looking ice cubes over your face. Phan explains that the ice facial minimize swelling and will also help constrict large pore size. And bonus, the antioxidants from the tea fights free radicals.

While icing your pores seems like it could have short-term benefits, we've read that long-term use has helped stave off acne. Have any of you ever iced your pores? Is this some secret amazing skin trick we've been missing out on ... or is it kind of bogus?

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