Ice Fishing Fun!

Ice Fishing Fun!
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When the lakes have safely frozen solid in winter, numerous Minnesotans venture out in the cold to go ice-fishing. This little girl and her dog are waiting patiently for the fish to bite circa 1935 at the St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Fishing Contest.


Ice fishing need not be a solitary activity. These folks were very successful in their fishing expedition, displaying their 10-20 pounder Great Northern Pike in Pequot Lakes, circa 1915.


Creating holes in the thick ice can be a time-consuming task. This gentleman has the ideal tool for the job to drill the perfect hole in January of 1953.


To block the harsh winds while waiting for the fish to bite, this man is building a windbreak with snow blocks to shield him from the cold and to prop up his catches, circa 1955.


Ice fishing shelters date back generations to provide some level of comfort to those out on the ice. These are examples of an ice fishing shelter and ice fishing frame used by the Ojibwe on Lake Mille Lacs in 1948.


Shelters have come a long way from their humble roots. This woman fishes from safely inside her shelter complete with a small table and stool in January, 1953.


Should one feel that an ice fishing shelter has only limited, seasonal appeal, rest assured that by attaching it to a raft in summer, it can double as a small houseboat as illustrated by this man circa 1950.

Visit the Minnesota Historical Society's Collections Online for more ice fishing images!

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