Ice Needles Pushed Out Of Minnesota's Medicine Lake In Incredible Video

WATCH:Is Being Pushed Out Of This Lake?

It's almost May, but late snowfall in the midwest and unusual temperature swings have been causing some extreme weather this spring. Whatever's happening in this video is no exception.

Millions of needle-like pieces of ice are seen spewing from the edge of Minnesota's Medicine Lake in the video submitted to KARE 11 News and posted on their Facebook page.

A local weather report said temperatures in the high 70s mixed with strong winds were pushing an ice sheet covering the lake against the shore, creating the effect. A few Minnesota lakes have yet to ice-out even with the high temperatures.

Another example of the phenomenon can be seen in a YouTube video from 2010 where it looks like ice cubes are being pushed out of a lake in a slow moving wave strong enough to carry a person.

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