Watch This Ice Artist Bring a Woman's Dream to Life

Ice artist Nate Johnson creates an ice sculpture inspired by one teacher's hope for the world.

As many poets have outlined for us through the ages, dreams are singularly and profoundly important to human existence.  Nothing motivates quite like passion, and only through the pursuit of such noble goals will we achieve our best-self, our best life and our most beautiful reality.  But achieving such heights is never easy and always takes hard work, dedication and perseverance. That’s why HuffPost has partnered with American Family Insurance to present “Sculpt Your Dreams,” a Facebook Live event that took place on December 19th, 2016.  Our featured “dreamer” is striving to save the planet—why not dream big?  Every day, she goes-all-out to realize her dream through any means possible. Together, with ice sculptor Nate Johnson, we attempted to bring this unique dream to life.  See below how it all came together in just under 90 seconds.

American Family Insurance believes that every dream - and dreamer - deserves support. It’s why we’re so passionate about going far beyond insurance to inspire, protect and restore your dreams.