Watch Ice Stacking Like Shards Of Glass On Lake Superior

OoOoOoh. 🙀

Well here's something you don't see every winter.

The above video shows the supremely dazzling effect of ice stacking on Lake Superior's Minnesota shore. Sheets of frozen lake water hit the shore and break off, piling into stacks that look like the tops of a thousand broken coffee tables. Whoa.

Northern Minnesota-based photographers at Radiant Spirit Gallery captured the phenomenon in Duluth on Saturday, when temperatures dipped as much as eight degrees below Fahrenheit.

"The seemingly endless ice sheets broke into large plates and stacked on shore, sounding much like breaking glass," photographer Dawn LaPointe wrote on her YouTube page. "The ice thickness ranged from about 1/4" to about 3" thick. The sights and sounds were incredible!"

A good ol' frozen lake is always a great place to visit (while being safe and careful, of course). This Slovakian stunner, for example, will always be one of our faves.

Get frosty, travelers!

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