Why Ice-T And Coco Decided To Leave Reality TV

The vivacious couple debuts their new talk show "Ice & Coco" next week.

After three seasons of their reality series "Ice Loves Coco," Ice-T and Coco are set to try their hand at hosting a talk show with the similarly-named "Ice & Coco," which debuts Aug. 3. The couple dropped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday to chat about their new venture and why they decided make the jump from reality to daytime.

Ice-T told host Caitlyn Becker that while "Ice Loves Coco" enjoyed "great ratings" for three years, the couple opted against overstaying their welcome. The rapper explained:

"The trick with reality shows is it will loop you at some point, meaning if I followed you ... for a long time, eventually you'll do the same thing over and over again. And then what happens is, now the days you want to sit at home, the producers are like, 'Well, you have to entertain.' And when you start to move away from what you're normally doing, they look for drama and they create chaos because they're trying to entertain people. Trying to entertain people with your life is dangerous. It's hard to do for a long period of time. So we got in and got out."

Now the couple hopes to take the brand they built on "Ice Loves Coco" and apply it to the talk show format. And part of that brand is Coco's body -- specifically, her famous booty. When a viewer asked for tips to maintain a similar behind, Coco said exercise is only part of the recipe; if women want a "functioning, movable butt," she explained, it must be able to "shake a little bit." She shares her secrets for achieving just that in the video below.

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