The 10 Most Ridiculous Ice Cube Trays Ever Made (PHOTOS)

It's time we all have a little more fun with our ice.

NEWS TO THE WORLD: cubed-shaped ice is no longer good enough. You may have spent your entire life using cubed ice. You may have even sometimes crushed that cubed ice. But that just won't cut it anymore.

For some reason, the people who make things that the rest of us buy have decided that ice has a lot more potential than just being a cube. (That, or they're just out of good ways to convince us to spend our money.) According to those people, ice should be cheeky, geeky and cute. Or, just penis-shaped because, of course.

Thanks to the powers that be, there's now an ice cube shape perfect for every ice-needing occasion. But you might want to think twice before you purchase one of these new-fangled ice trays, because unlike the uniform cube-shaped ice, these trays say a little something about who you are on the inside.

Behold, the 10 ice cube trays that are perfect for no occasion, ever.

Stoneware Ice Cube Tray Is Perfect For...
When you've got really bad cotton mouth. But, oh no, you were too stoned to remember to make them. So, now there's no ice. And you're so, so thirsty.

Stoneware Ice Cube Tray, $8.74
Blue Balls Penis Ice Cube Tray Is Perfect For...
When you're feeling like a 10-year-old boy. (It might be time our sense of humor catches up with our age, people.)

Blue Balls Penis Ice Cube Tray, $6.34
Dentures Ice Cube Tray Is Perfect For...
Never. These are never perfect. They're like living the worst kind of nightmare on purpose.

Fred Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray, $8.89
Exotic Positions Ice Cube Tray Is Perfect For...
Gin And Titonic Ice Cube Tray Is Perfect For...
When you just feel like being a dick. It's too soon guys. Too. Soon.

Fred and Friends Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Tray, $9.03
Boob Ice Sculpture Is Perfect For...
All frat parties. DUH.

Boob Ice Sculpture, $19.99
AK 47 Bullets Shape Ice Tray Is Perfect For...
When you hate the whole entire world. (If you own this ice cube tray, you might want to consider seeing a shrink. Seriously.)

AK 47 Bullets Shape Ice Tray, $5.33
Ice Screams Ice Cube Tray Is Perfect For...
When you're feeling artsy. Because, you're just so knowledgable about art and you need the whole world to know it through your Edvard Munch inspired ICE.

Fred & Friends Ice Screams Ice Cube Tray, $7.44
Doctor Who Silicone Ice Tray Is Perfect For...
When you've finally gotten through the 800 episodes, and you love it so much you need to show it through your ice.

Doctor Who Silicone Ice Tray, $14.81
Tipsy Toes Ice Cubes Are Perfect For...
Wait, WHAT?? This is disgusting. The high heel obsession ENDS HERE.

Tipsy Toes Ice Cubes, $6.94

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