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Make This Iced Coffee Cocktail For Brunch, Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Boozy brunch is coming to a kitchen near you.

"Brunch" and "alcohol" and "coffee" are three words that belong together in a single sentence.

The iced coffee cocktail is brilliant because it knocks out your need for caffeine and a bit of booze in one punch -- leaving more room in your stomach for hearty brunch fare like biscuits, Benedict and bacon.

In the video above, Potluck Video shares a recipe for the Bing Bing, a beverage made with absinthe, coffee liqueur, maraschino cherries and, of course, cold brew coffee. Give the mixture a vigorous shake and pour over ice; the drink will have a nice, frothy foam and exude the fact that you know how to do brunch right.

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