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ICEE Cake Bites Are a Real Thing, and They Taste Amazing

We all know the iconic ICEE brand, the carbonated frozen drink. Now it's in cake form.
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In case you're missing our live Instagram and Twitter feeds of the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco,'s Elie Ayrouth and Geoff Kutnick will be posting throughout.

We all know the iconic ICEE brand, the carbonated frozen drink we begged our moms for on the exit of every Sam's Club grocery trip as we passed the concessions kiosk.

So you can only imagine my nostalgia as Geoff and I walked the floors of the Fancy Food Show today here in San Francisco and I spotted the memorable ICEE logo emblazoned on a box of cake bites, I had to find out more:

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The product comes by way of Swiss Colony Retail Brands, the country's largest maker of hand-decorated confections and pastries (according to their literature). Swiss Colony has teamed up with ICEE to create bite-sized package treats that come in three flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Lemon.

Each cake utilizes an ICEE flavor infused into the layers of buttercream. Luckily, we got the chance to try these out, and the cherry and blue flavors were more refreshing than your standard cake bite, which was promising. Nostalgia achieved.

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