Listen To Iceland's Commentator Absolutely Lose It After A Goal Against England

This is a work of art.

Since his hysterical reaction to Iceland's late-game goal against Austria on Jun. 22, the commentator for Iceland's national soccer team finally has been getting some much-deserved international attention. 

Now, he's created his Mona Lisa. 

Even after recently losing his day job as the assistant manager for the KR Reykjavik soccer club in Iceland, Gudmundur Benediktsson went totally, absolutely, entirely ballistic after Iceland scored what would become its game-winning goal in its round of 16 match against England on Monday for the 2016 Euro Cup. The pitch of his voice swung like a pendulum. It shivered like an earthquake. It did basically everything his vocal chords would allow. It was a work of art, and everyone should hear it.

Benediktsson will be back on the air calling Iceland's quarterfinal match against France on Jul. 3. You might want to check it out. 



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