Iceland's First Baby Of 1980 Gives Birth To Country's First Baby Of 2017

That's a great way to start the year.

In 1980, Katrín Guðjónsdóttir was the first baby born in Iceland for that year.

Now, 37 years later, she has given birth to the country’s first baby of 2017.

The boy’s name has not been revealed, but he was born three minutes after midnight on New Year’s Day at a hospital in Selfoss, according to Iceland Review.

It was a nice birthday present for Guðjónsdóttir, who has two other children, but she wasn’t sure the priceless gift would arrive on her natal day.

“We joked about it yesterday that he may be the first baby of the year, but never believed it could happen,” she said, according to the BBC. “It would be too surreal.”

You can see the birthday kids in the video below, from Visir.Is. It’s in Icelandic, but the love between them needs no translation.

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