Iceland's Floating Northern Lights Tour Is The Definition Of Epic

Iceland's Floating Northern Lights Tour Is The Definition Of Epic

We knew Iceland was both magical and relaxing, but this takes the country's natural wonders to a whole. new. level.

On a trip with Reykjavik-based Floating Tours, visitors embark on a journey to view the majestic Northern Lights... while floating in a secret lagoon. With an underwater music show. And 100-degree temperatures. In special floaty helmets and leg pads.

Basically, we know what we'll be asking Santa for this year.

The tour costs about $216 per person -- guides collect visitors in the hub city of Reykjavik and shuttle them to a "secret" hot spring. There, they'll don designer caps and leg pads that allow easy floating in the hot spring, which hovers at temperatures from 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, naturally.

Steam rises mystically from the pool, creating an "unbelievable magical feeling." Sigur Ros blares from underwater speakers like a calming siren's call (we have NO idea how this is possible, but we like it). And if you happen to visit between spring and early fall, you'll have a stellar chance of seeing the Northern Lights as they glimmer across the clear Nordic sky.

Be right back... we're hopping the next flight to Iceland.

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