Iceland Tourism Is Just Adorable (VIDEO)

With regards to creative campaigns, many tourism bureaus miss the mark. Iceland, though, has cut its own niche after a cutesy Tumblr blog popped-up, written "by the island" itself, drawing attention to the often passed-over European destination.

Now Icelandic tourism is it again with "Inspired By Iceland," a group of videos that pull desktop travelers from their laptop screens and into the unique everyday lives of citizens via a direct invitation from some very entertaining folks. Ragnar from Reykjavík would like to take you on a traditional ice cream car ride. Or, maybe you'd like to discuss literature with librarian Asdis, a lover of soups? Even still, a tour of the river Ranga in idyllic Hella village may be more your speed? By visiting the website and leaving a comment below the invitation, you've accepted your chosen adventure.

Iceland's campaigns fall on the wacky side, with headlines ranging from "Hallo humans on the Inter-net" to "Videos with me, Iceland, in them." However, in a sea of bucket list applications and Facebook contests, the humble messaging and powerful personal testimonials stand out as a strong representation of both adorable little Iceland and, perhaps, the type of traveler with whom they aim to connect.

Iceland Tourism