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Icon of the Day: It's a Meat Truck! A Gay Ice Cream Truck! No, It's a Cell Phone Storage Truck!

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“Oh, snap,” cried Tiffaney after cracking open her soda can. I asked her what the matter was and she explained how the press-on nail belonging to the index finger she opened her soda with, fell into “the damn can.” I warned her of the dangers of swallowing acrylic, but she cared only about her new physical deformity and walking around all day with just nine press-on nails.

Tiffaney is a fifteen year old attending Washington Irving High School in New York City and this morning I made her acquaintance on my way back from the gym on Irving Place. She was standing in front of this big truck that read “Pure Loyalty Electronic Device Storage to check in her cell phone for the day in order to pick it up later after classes were over, which I found very interesting.


As you know, trucks are everywhere in New York: Burger Trucks, Gay Ice Cream Trucks, but this one is my favorite– a Cell Phone Storage Truck! In December 2010, the NYC Department of Education banned cell phones in schools and an enterprising New Yorker, Vernon Alcoser, started a device storage company that stores these students cell phones with pricing that ranges from $1/ day to $4/week to $15/month. He parks a big utility truck around the corner or across the street from the schools he serves and places these cell phones in little mini-pockets hanging from a rack. Imagine teeny, tiny hanging shoe organizers.

The opportunity to make money is about$2500/day as indicated on his website.

While talking to Tiffaney, another student tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, "If I thought it was wack that students couldn’t have cell phones in schools." I told him that I did not think it was wack as I dreamed of my very own truck that I could, um, park outside our corporate office. That would not be wack at all. That would be first name "greatest" last name "ever."