Relive The 10 Most Iconic Grammys Performances

LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 27: American singers (L-R) Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Li'l Kim perform the single 'Lady Marmala
LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 27: American singers (L-R) Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Li'l Kim perform the single 'Lady Marmalade' from the film 'Moulin Rouge' on stage at the 44th Grammy Awards on February 27, 2002 in Los Angeles, USA. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

With stars like Taylor Swift, Marc Anthony, Lorde and Dave Grohl on deck to perform at the 56th Grammy Awards, this year's show is sure to be full of impressive numbers. The Grammys have hosted many different types of performances throughout the years, from tour-worthy, choreographed routines with impressive sets to theatrics-free ballads that stun the audience into silence.

Get ready for the 2014 lineup by reliving the 10 most iconic performances from Grammys past:

Jennifer Hudson - I Will Always Love You

When Whitney Houston died the day before the Grammys in 2012, producers called upon Jennifer Hudson to perform a tribute with Houston's signature song "I Will Always Love You." Even on such short notice, Hudson was able to pull together a moving rendition of the song that brought audience members to their feet for a much-deserved standing ovation.

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

She's back, baby! After undergoing throat surgery in 2011, fans were left wondering whether Adele would ever regain her soulful voice. She put those fears to rest at the 2012 Grammys with a rendition of "Rolling in the Deep" that proved her voice was recovering quite well. Adele won six awards that evening, making this performance the cherry on top of her ultra-successful sundae.

Pink - Glitter in the Air

In 2010, Pink performed a showstopping rendition of "Glitter in the Air." She sang while perilously twirling high above the stage in a Cirque du Soleil-inspired acrobatic routine. In lieu of glitter, her body sprayed water droplets through the air as she spun. Even while upside down and turning in circles, she didn't miss a single note. Now that's a performance!

Beyoncé and Tina Turner - Proud Mary

Musical icon Tina Turner returned to the stage after a long hiatus to perform "Proud Mary" with Beyonce at the 2008 Grammys. Beyonce introduced Turner as "the Queen," but the performance proved that they might have to share the crown. An upbeat choreographed number brought together two pop and R&B icons for a particularly exciting rendition of Turner's song.

Mary J. Blige - No More Drama

Mary J. Blige sang her heart out at the 2002 Grammys. She belted out the hit song "No More Drama" without any theatrics, clad in a simple, shimmering suit. The passion and intensity she brought to the performance garnered a standing ovation from the crowd.

Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil’ Kim and Mya - Lady Marmalade

The quartet of lady singers pulled out all the stops for a performance of "Lady Marmalade" at the 2002 Grammys. With seriously intricate costumes and an elevated stage, they sang a perfectly over-the-top rendition of the "Moulin Rouge" hit. Missy Elliott and Patti LaBelle joined the ladies onstage for the number, adding even more star power to the unforgettable performance.

Eminem and Elton John - Stan

Eminem and Elton John joined forces at the 2001 Grammys with powerful execution of the rapper's hit song "Stan." At the time, Eminem was under fire because his album, "The Marshall Mathers LP," contained homophobic and misogynistic language. John agreed to perform with Eminem at the awards show in order to reinforce the idea that the songs on the album were not representative of Eminem's true beliefs.

Aretha Franklin - Nessun Dorma

Luciano Pavarotti was slated to perform Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" at the 1998 Grammys, but he canceled at the last minute due to an illness. Franklin stepped in to take over for the famed tenor and sing the stunning "Turnadot" aria accompanied by a full orchestra. Her performance stole the show and undoubtedly made Pavarotti proud.

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Two years after the tragic death of his four-year-old son, Clapton performed a moving rendition of "Tears in Heaven" at the 1993 Grammys. He sang the tune, which reflects upon the grief he encountered in the wake of his son's death, on a simple and unpretentious stage, letting his voice resonate through the hall. He won six awards on the night of his performance, three of them for "Tears in Heaven."

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

It's not surprising that the King of Pop would give a noteworthy performance, but Jackson's 10-minute 1988 performance of "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Man in the Mirror" was truly memorable. Breaking out many of his legendary dance moves, Jackson belted hit tunes before a rapt audience.



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