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5 Picture-Perfect Destinations For Design-Minded Travelers

"I'm always looking for new, emerging destinations, but honestly I am also drawn to historic places. There's just something to those old details that tells such an interesting story."
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Photo courtesy of Zio & Sons

Anthony D'Argenzio, the New York City-based creative director of styling and creative company Zio & Sons, is a person with his finger on the pulse, who knows about new spots well before they open (often because he's styled their opening-night party). He possesses an on-point design aesthetic (just ask recent collaborators West Elm, Pottery Barn, and One Kings Lane). And he travels multiple times a year (so much so that he was recently named a brand ambassador for Tiny Atlas Quarterly magazine). In other words, he's one of those people you want to ask where he's been recently--and where he's headed. So we did.

"I'm always looking for new, emerging destinations," he says, "but honestly I am also drawn to historic places. There's just something to those old details that tells such an interesting story."

Read up on five of his favorite locations below, and check out his vibrant, detail-filled Instagram account, a colorful chronicle of more choice picks.

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Photo courtesy of Zio & Sons

Cinque Terre, Italy

"Cinque Terre--'The Five Lands'--is made up of five villages along Italy's rugged west coast. There are few roads in, so the region is fairly isolated, which makes it a perfect destination for the culture-savvy. One of the towns, Monterosso [above], has rocky beaches covered with colorful striped umbrellas and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. And the charm of another town--Manarola--completely stole my heart. The historic streets with hundreds of stairs are a photographer's dream. I could have sat for hours taking pictures of all the colorful details. This is the trip you and your friends have been trying to plan together!"

Photo courtesy of Zio & Sons

Charleston, South Carolina

"Hands down one of my favorite cities in the U.S., this classic seaside town is rich in history and design. When you're here, I'd recommend a little house stalking because one of Charleston's most charming features is its beautiful colonial architecture. Check out Rainbow Row [above], one of the longest clusters of Georgian row houses in the USA, named for their pastel facades. Or you can visit a historic mansion: The
is a stunning 1820 estate with original interiors. Aside from its pretty face, the city also has an amazing culinary and nightlife scene. Eventually you'll have to head home, so try not to get too used to the Southern hospitality."

Photo courtesy of Zio & Sons

Paris, France

"Love the mix of old and new that's happening on the west side of Paris. For a fresh take on this classic city, head to the 11th arrondissement. The neighborhood's evolving food and design scene has become one of our new favorites. A must-visit is
[above] where the six-course tasting menu is almost as good as the dreamy rustic interiors. If you don't have time for the full meal, head to their sister wine bar, La Cave, a cozy nook serving tapas, esoteric wines, and good tunes."

Photo courtesy of Zio & Sons

London, England

"It doesn't get better than London! This global city can seem daunting with everything it has to offer, but a long weekend exploring the creative scene on the east side will give you a sense of serenity. When you're there, stop by
, for what's one of our favorite meals in the UK. Aside from its stunning interior, it serves interesting, often-overlooked British ingredients and produce. But really, east London has so many eclectic vintage shops, historic pubs, and charming English facades like those in Camden Town [above]. We suggest getting a little lost and playing like you're a local."

Photo courtesy of Zio & Sons

Milan, Italy

"When it comes to design, Milan does it best. Aside from the rich history, a new generation is evolving. A fresh taste of what's happening on the scene is the great new
[above] at the Fondazione Prada, the spot for an afternoon aperitivo. The interiors, designed by director Wes Anderson, give color blocking a whole new meaning. I can see some retro formica chairs and jukeboxes in my future."

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