iCukoo Alarm Clock App Has You Donating To Charity Every Time You Hit Snooze

Now You Can Donate To Charity Every Time You Hit Snooze

You snooze you lose? Not exactly.

Last week, developers released iCukoo, a U.K.-based free iPhone alarm clock app that allows users to donate money to one of five charities every time they hit the snooze button.

iCukoo gives sleepers the option of donating to Starlight Children's Foundation, Parkinson's UK, the National Literacy Trust, Prostate Cancer UK and Maggie's, which offers free practical and emotional support to people with cancer.

Here's how it works: You set the alarm, select the charity to which you'd like to donate, and start sleeping. The app keeps track of every time you hit the snooze button, and once your snoozes add up to 1 pound -- roughly $1.26 -- the app will send a text asking if you'd like to donate at that time or keep adding to your snoozes.

Customers seem excited about the app so far. "I really like the design and point of this app (as a serial snoozer myself)," one commented on Product Hunt. Another raved about it on Twitter.

Looks like everyone finally has an excuse to hit the snooze button! Though the app is so far only available in the U.K., here's hoping it hits stateside soon.

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