ICYMI: 12 Important or Influential LGBT Voices You May Not Know

In a world flooded with social media postings, many inspirational or influential voices are overlooked; swept up in the seemingly endless sea of noise. Here are some lesser-known Twitter users that are influential voices that may have been overlooked.

- Zoe is project coordinator of @SheroesProject, a project aimed at reducing HIV infection rates in trans women of color. Her tweets focus on the intersection of race & gender.

@pundit_academic - is a bisexual genderqueer trans man and discusses education, race & gender.

- discusses LGBTQ issues, science, & occasionally even cats

@deray - Deray McKesson is a gay educator, and an important voice in discussing racism and anti-black violence in American society today. Deray also speaks to the intersection of LGBTQ issues and violence in the community.

@dominickevans - Dominick is an award winning transgender film director, dad, activist, and disability rights campaigner.

- Lynn Cyrin is a trans lesbian web developer, and founder of @CollectQT, a group which focuses on transgender and queer software developers.

@MyQueerHeart - John is a queer blogger from Dublin, Ireland, and is a staunch supporter of feminism and intersectional LGBT feminist issues, as well as a campaigner and blogger for many other queer and LGBT issues.

@samdylanfinch - Sam is a genderqueer feminist, and is Staff Writer & Associate Editor at Ravishly, and a Feature Writer at Everyday Feminism.

@chernowa - Addie is a two-time Emmy winning Director and trans woman, who writes about many issues affecting the LGBT community.

@NYSHN - Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) organizes across issues of sexual & reproductive health, rights, & justice by & for Indigenous youth in North America, with a focus on LGBTQ issues.

@drivewest - LGBTQ News & Law, with a focus on Native American people.

@samkalidi - Sam is a gay Oscar-winning writer and producer, who is oftentimes funny, but always has his finger on the pulse of today's issues.

I do hope that you will check them out, and if you like what you read, please give them a follow.