Idaho Republican Platform: GOP Calls For Returning Gold Standard, Ending Direct Election Of Senators

The Idaho Republican Party last weekend adopted a party platform that calls for the return to the gold standard, the end of the direct election of U.S. senators and for state government to nullify federal laws.

The platform -- which is the Idaho GOP's list of beliefs, adopted during a convention in Twin Falls -- embraces policies mainly on the conservative and libertarian spectrum. The party says that the strength of the United States lies in "our faith and reliance in God our Creator" and says that they believe in a government that "is a servent of the people."

The platform calls for the abolition of the Federal Reserve, saying that the central bank has failed "to maintain a sound U.S. dollar" and has allowed banks to control the issuance of the dollar. The platform specifically calls for power to issue currency be "returned to the people" and that the dollar should be backed by gold or silver. The platform also calls for people to start collecting metal because the Idaho GOP believes it is "sounder" than dollars.

The state party also called for repealing the 17th amendment of the Constitution, which allows for the direct election of U.S. senators. They wrote that this would allow for checks and balances and restore power to the states. Prior to the direct election amendment's adoption in 1913, senators were elected by state legislatures.

Idaho Republicans also called on the state legislature and Gov. Butch Otter (R) to embrace state sovereignty and to nullify all federal laws that are not outlined as powers delegated to the federal government in the 10th amendment of the Constitution. The Idaho legislature has adopted nullification resolutions in the past supporting the concept. The legislature rejected a bill to nullify the federal health care law in the state in 2011.

The platform embraces mostly traditional Republican principles, including a strict pro-life stance and opposition to same-sex marriage. The state party also called for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the lowering of taxes. Idaho Republicans also called for members of Congress to be present during floor debates and embraced agriculture education in the largely rural state.

Idaho Democrats adopted a platform last week that largely rejects policies adopted by Otter and legislative Republicans, including "education experimentation" and government decisions into medical care, along with opposition to nullification of federal laws.

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