Real, Fictional, Historical, Famous, Dead Or Alive, Who Is Your Ideal Workout Partner?

Exercising with a buddy not only keeps you accountable to that sweat session, it can even help you push harder and burn more calories.

But it has to be the right workout partner. According to a recent study, the best exercise buddy is one who knows when to keep quiet. Despite the initial boost of some verbal encouragement, exercisers stuck with it longer if their partners eventually quieted down, the researchers found.

For some people, the ideal workout partner might be that special someone. For others it's a close friend or a sibling. But what about those dream workout partners we only wish we could sweat alongside? We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share who they would most love to work out with, real or fictional, dead or alive, famous or historical. Here are some of our favorite responses.

"Chuck Norris!" --Ericka Defoort
chuck norris

"Jack LaLanne, amazing original fitness guru." --Steve Shea
jack lalanne

"Ben Franklin would keep me dedicated" --@OKCSurferGirl
benjamin franklin

"Michael Jordan." --Patrick McGeough
michael jordan

"Diana Nyad!" --Mageen Caines
diana nyad

"Whoever trains the VS supermodels!" --Shauna Carpenter
victorias secret models

"Chris Powell" --Michele Short McCawley
chris powell

"Madonna" --Carrie Erin de Ridder

"My upbeat husband, he can get me motivated like no one else!!" --Jennifer Pittz

"Hmm, we've got to go with Mr. T. He'd intimidate us into working harder!" --@CartonSmart
mr t

Who is your ideal workout partner? Let us know in the comments below!

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