Ideas To Help Corporations Innovate Like Startups

There's a serious gap between corporations and startups. According to Alessandro Di Fiore with the Harvard Business Review, "It's not just a problem at companies known for poor management. Even businesses that are well versed in the best management practices can, without realizing it, generate an environment hostile to innovation."

I recently shared these ideas below with the CEOs of Netflix and The Huffington Post for their consideration. Both are building upon strengths and assets they have already.

IDEA 1 - The University of Netflix
Pitch: Netflix currently has approximately 80 million customers (these are potential students), and a new initiative of $100 million to education, so why not create your own online education to the world and grant degree/certificate programs and compete in the global education space in the comfort of students own homes, at a fraction of the cost.

IDEA 2 - The Huffington Post University
Pitch: I believe and view The Huffington Post as a major provider of online education to the world. The contributors can be viewed as the professors, teachers and the readers are the students that self enroll.

I respect the vision and growth that Arianna Huffington and her team has built in such a short period of time since the launch of this company in 2005. Thinking forward and looking at building upon the Huffington Post's strengths, I believe the Huffington Post should launch its own University.

It can launch as an online provider of education, offering certificate programs and Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Degrees. The Huffington Post University can offer courses and degrees in Journalism, Mass Communication, Digital Communications, Advertising and more.