‘Frozen’ Actress Responds To Cabinet Member Saying ‘Let It Go’ About Sexual Harassment

Idina Menzel sent a pointed message to Elaine Chao: #NoMoreHiding and #NoMoreShame

“Frozen” actress Idina Menzel just threw cold water on comments that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao made earlier this week about sexual harassment. 

“I will fight for other women. And I will stand up for other women. But of your own — you got to let it go,” Chao said Tuesday at Politico’s Women Rule Summit, after revealing she has experienced sexual harassment. 

A Department of Transportation spokesperson later sent HuffPost a statement saying, “While [Chao] did not offer advice to others on how they should cope, she did clearly state her commitment to standing up for women.”

Menzel hit back at Chao’s initial remarks on Wednesday, zeroing in on “let it go” ― an iconic phrase from “Frozen.” 

Menzel is one of many people calling out the transportation secretary for her comment. Sung Yeon Choimorrow, executive director at the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, told HuffPost that Chao’s remarks “displayed systemic misogyny.” 

“Comments like ‘let it go’ [and] ‘this will hold you back’ that are made to victims of sexual harassment and even rape sends a clear message it is solely the responsibility of women to deal with the aftermath of sexual harassment,” she said.