Idina Menzel Says 'Karma' Is Behind Donald Trump's Rumored Inauguration Day Problems

The president-elect reportedly had a difficult time finding anyone to perform on his big day.
Kevin Kane via Getty Images

While President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebrations featured performances by megastars Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé, President-elect Donald Trump was reportedly having a more difficult time finding a singer.

When Vanity Fair asked “Let It Go” singer Idina Menzel about those rumors on Wednesday night, she shared a theory.

“I think it’s karma, baby,” she told the outlet. “I mean, look: All the artists in the world got up and tried to get our girl [Hillary Clinton] elected, and it still didn’t happen, so we’re all still trying to recover from that.”

Against tradition, zero local Washington, D.C., marching bands are planning to participate in the festivities on Jan. 20. This week, 16-year-old Jackie Evancho announced she will sing at the event on the “Today” show; classical singer Andrea Bocelli is slated to perform a duet with her.

The 2017 inauguration may have more in common with former President George W. Bush’s second ceremony in 2005. The day’s events featured several classically trained singers ― a shift from celebrations surrounding Bush’s 2001 inauguration that pulled out stars Ricky Martin, Jessica Simpson and, amazingly, 98 Degrees.

Trump, it seems, won’t have much star power behind him as he kicks off his presidency. During his campaign, musicians including Adele, R.E.M. and Neil Young spoke out or took legal action against Trump’s use of their music at his rallies.

“Maybe he’ll just have to sing something himself,” Menzel added. “He probably thinks he has a great voice; he thinks he does everything great.”

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