Idris Elba Cracks Up While Getting Dating Advice From Kids

"Don’t eat beans." - says one expert

Love is a complicated game. Luckily for Idris Elba, kids are game experts.

The actor is currently teaming up with Omaze to raise money for nonprofit W.E. Can Lead by raffling off an Idris Elba Valentine’s Day date. But before the big day, Elba needs some guidance. 

The actor got dancing lessons, learned to always agree with his date, and found out that he should follow certain diet restrictions.

“Don’t eat beans,” said one girl. “’Cause you’ll fart.”  

Sage advice.

Elba also gave a knowing look to the camera after another girl said her ideal date is James Bond. Elba was rumored to be a candidate to take over the Bond role after Daniel Craig. With all this new advice, he might be smooth enough to pull it off.

James Bond would never eat beans.



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