Idris Elba Turns Into Entitled White Woman Hulk On 'SNL'

The "Impossible Hulk" transforms when enraged.

Idris Elba played the “Impossible Hulk” in a “Saturday Night Live” take on the “Incredible Hulk,” morphing into a white woman when he gets really, really angry.

The backstory: Dr. Bruce Bannon was accidentally hit with gamma rays during a scientific experiment gone wrong. So now he turns into a white woman ― Cecily Strong ― when he’s enraged and threatens to call the police whenever she’s “aggressed.”

She might not be bigger or stronger than Elba, who has played Heimdall in “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” but she entitled. She gets what she wants.

Check out the video up top.

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