Idris Elba Shows Off His Suave Dance Moves And Rap Skills In Music Video

Alert: Swag overload.

Just when we thought Idris Elba couldn't get any cooler, he proves us wrong. Nigerian hip-hop artist, D'Banj, combines the star power of Elba and Sierra Leone rapper Shadow Boxxer for his new single "Confidential." 

The black and white video is fifty shades of suave as the gentlemen deliver braggadocio lines about their sexual and financial exploits. Elba makes his appearance at about 1 minute, 11 seconds into the video, and it's no surprise here that the "Beasts of No Nation" actor holds his own next to the seasoned musicians. He looks quite dapper in a classic tailored suit topped with a slick bowler hat while slow wining with a handful of beautiful women.

This isn't the first time Elba aka "DJ Driis" has flexed his talented chops in the music industry, either, so maybe there's hope for a solo project in the very near future. 

Check out the music video below. 


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CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated that Shadow Boxxer is from South Africa; in fact, he is from Sierra Leone.