If Adam Lambert were a Lesbian...would he already have his own TV show?

If Adam Lambert were a Lesbian...would he already have his own TV show?
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By Stephen Viscusi

Rosie O'Donnell, Suze Orman, Ellen DeGeneres, Wanda Sykes, Rachel Maddow, Portia De Rossi, now Meredith Baxter Birney? Is this reverse discrimination? What do you do if you're a gay male, and want to work on the air.... on TV? There are gay men on TV, but in the talk show/broadcast journalism world, it seems the lesbians may outnumber the gay men?

Liberace, Rock Hudson ...wait they are both dead! Well, there is always Perez Hilton and that guy who won "Star Search" years ago.

Isn't is odd that TV programming executives, and human resources people from broadcast and cable networks are willing to accept these lesbian woman brave enough to "out" themselves, on the air... yet, if there was a man, who anchored a cable TV show, he may be afraid to say he was gay?

Then someone like Adam Lambert gets cancelled from a show like ABC's "Good Morning America", usually a gay friendly show---. What is the employment world in TV coming too?

It's interesting to me, that in the media workplace world, and entertainment industry... where everyone talks about the "glass ceiling" for woman....that this "on -air arena" clearly woman have a leg up (no pun intended).

Ones sexuality should not be a factor, in who gets a job--any job or why. Any more then ones race. Although I appreciate not everyone agreeing with me. I am the author of the book "Bulletproof Your Job" (HarperCollins) published in 9 languages. I tell people in my book, not to let their "sexual orientation distract from their qualifications...maybe I was wrong? I am hosting the new TV "The Headhunter From Hell"

Do more gay men, need to "out" themselves, if they want to host a TV show? Hmmm. I wonder. Well even if they do, and they get a show, I guess they can be sure they won't be invited on ABC/Disney's "Good Morning America"...right...Robin Roberts?

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