If Birth Control Were Dudes, These Would Be Your Options

This dating game parody shows how hard it is to find a “match.”

Settling for contraception can be as daunting as settling for a man, and in a hilarious new video, actress Honora Talbott treats the search for the best birth control as a search for the best bachelor.

Talbott, who is also a writer and director, stars as OBGY-Jen, the host of "Contraception Connection" -- a game show that pairs women up with birth control. The birth control is portrayed by bachelor bros who share personality traits with whatever contraception they represent.

The copper IUD wants to be inside you with a 10 year commitment, for example, but you will be punished with heavy periods and gnarly cramps. The pill wants "to connect with your mind and your body" -- but does so by making you "lose yourself."

The video puts a hilarious spin on a grim reality: women must carry the contraception burden entirely -- and deal with the many side effects -- while men hardly have to worry about preventing pregnancy.

Ultimately, the video begs an incredibly important question:

"Why can't there just be a male birth control pill?"

Watch the full video here.

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