If Cruise Lines Were Pets

Sure, you can compare cruise lines with a handy chart or a quiz, but where's the fun in that? We decided to shake things up and match the lines with the kinds of pets we think they'd be.
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Is your favorite line a playful pooch or an elegant feline? - Photo by Thinkstock / Александр Ермолаев

Sure, you can compare cruise lines with a handy chart or a quiz, but where's the fun in that? We decided to shake things up and match the lines with the kinds of pets we think they’d be. Oddly enough, we uncovered some intriguing similarities that surprised even us. Check them out:

Carnival Cruise Lines: Cocker Spaniel

Photo by Shutterstock / Andrea Izzotti

The self-professed “Fun Ship” line had to be none other than an energetic, playful cocker spaniel. These pooches love running around, getting plenty of exercise, and socializing with fellow hounds, much like Carnival passengers: from riding water slides to dancing at live concerts, to sipping cocktails with fast-made friends on the lido deck.

Celebrity Cruises: Labradoodle

Photo by Shutterstock / zstock

A labradoodle might seem like an odd choice for Celebrity Cruises, but it’s actually right on point. This “designer” hybrid — a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle — is super trendy, specifically due to its hypoallergenic coat. Given that Celebrity prides itself on being on the cutting edge of innovation, design, and style in the cruise world, we’d say this is a match made in heaven (where we happen to know all dogs go eventually).

Crystal Cruises: French Poodle

Photo by Shutterstock / Crystal

Regal and distinctive, the French poodle gets attention wherever it goes and is known to rack up blue ribbons at distinguished dog shows. Similarly, Crystal Cruises is constantly the recipient of praise and prizes, including the three trophies it took home in the 2014 Cruiseline.com Awards. And while the French poodle illustriously struts around the winner’s circle, we imagine Crystal’s ships sailing with pride through the sea.

Cunard Line: English Setter

Photo by Thinkstock / glenkar

It seems obvious that an English dog would get matched with this British cruise line, but the pairing goes beyond that. This graceful breed was developed more than 400 years ago in England to help hunters spot and catch their game — a practice still in use today. Cunard Line proudly embraces its heritage through elegant white-glove tea service, British nannies, and other cultural customs onboard. Cheers to both for keeping tradition alive!

Disney Cruise Line: Labrador Retriever

Photo by Thinkstock / Fuse

As one of the most popular breeds around, the Labrador retriever easily wins over families with its patience and reliability. What really aligns this pet with Disney Cruise Line, however, is its love for children. Labs are protective yet incredibly affectionate and eager to please, always looking for an opportunity to show off. In fact, these canine Einsteins are capable of learning tricks without even being taught, in the same vein as finding your favorite drink waiting for you at the dinner table on a Disney ship.

Holland America Line: Himalayan Cat

Photo by Thinkstock / Suzanne Mulligan

The beloved “Himmy” is a very confident domestic cat breed, making it one of the most respected as well — like Holland America Line (HAL) among its cruise line peers. Since 1873, when the ms Rotterdam took her maiden voyage, cruise lovers have remained loyal to the brand. Also much like HAL’s passengers, the Himmy stays active and frisky well into its senior years.

MSC Cruises: Bolognese

Photo by Shutterstock / Hristin Veley

Many great things have come out of the Italian town of Bologna, including a delicious meat sauce and this curious dog breed. Besides their Italian roots, the Bolognese and MSC Cruises also have a few other things in common: They’re both intelligent (we’d say putting Venchi gelato on the MSC Divina was a brilliant move), extremely family-friendly, and exude a certain exclusivity — MSC’s ship-within-a-ship concept and the Bolognese’s history of being owned by such royalty as Catherine the Great of Russia.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Abyssinian Cat

Photo by Thinkstock / pisit38

If you’re familiar with this cat breed, then you know the one thing it needs to do is keep busy. The same can be said for Norwegian Cruise Line’s passengers, who pack their days with fun and excitement all cruise long. Need more proof the two a perfect match? The Abyssinian is a natural athlete with zero fear of heights. Cruisers on this line share the affinity for adrenaline-pumping adventure, from heart-stopping free-fall water slides to thrilling ropes courses and countless sports activities.

Oceania Cruises: Goldfish

Photo by Shutterstock / dien

A goldfish representing a luxury line? Hear us out. For starters, fish are very calming and easygoing. Plus, we happen to think the right aquarium can add a subtle touch of sophistication to any room. Comparatively, Oceania’s ships are chic and stylish (have you seen the owner’s suites on Marina?), yet its cruising experience is extremely casual, as declared in its motto: "Whatever you want, whenever you want.” So you see, it makes total sense — in this alternate universe we’ve created, anyway.

Princess Cruises: Chihuahua

Photo by Shutterstock / padu_foto

Princess Cruises rose to fame in the '70s on the popular TV show “The Love Boat,” but only the biggest of fans would recall the exact details of season 6, episode 25: An onboard dog show ended in a four-way tie, one of the winners being a very adorable chihuahua. Known for their big personalities and fun-loving, social spirit, the dog breed and cruise line pairing is more than just an obscure episode reference.

Royal Caribbean International: Beagle

Photo by Thinkstock / jbouma09

This energetic and sociable breed just can't seem to sit still. Whether they're looking for new friends or a heart-pumping adventure, these natural explorers love the thrill of a new experience. Royal Caribbean passengers also like to bounce around from activity to activity alongside newly-made friends, with boredom never an option. And just as beagles seem to have a limitless supply of energy, Royal Caribbean knows how to keep the party going.

Silversea Cruises: Hyacinth Macaw

Photo by Shutterstock / Christian Schoissingeyer

Never heard of the big blue bird? This gentle giant is the largest of all of its parrot relatives, with a wingspan of more than 4 feet. But what really makes it stand out in a crowd of beaks and feathers is its price tag. The average cost to bring one of these massive feathered friends home is around $12,000, so we had no choice but to pair this pet with Silversea Cruises, a line at the pinnacle of luxury.

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