If Medals Were Given For Sexist Olympic Coverage, These Guys Would Win

Congratulations, bros.

A new Vox video has put a hilarious spin on all of the sexist coverage that’s occurred at the Rio 2016 Olympics (and there has been plenty).

Instead of covering the games, the satirical “Wide World of Sexism” news show judges “Olympic sexist coverage as a sport.”

Top competitors include Adam Kreek from the CBC, who suggested that Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard isn’t a real competitor because she makes endorsements on her Instagram page (which no male athletes have done, ever, apparently). And one NBC commentator, discussing The Final Five’s sideline conversations in between events: “They might as well be standing in the middle of a mall.” (Reminder: They’ve collectively shattered records at this year’s Games.)

The Chicago Tribune, entering the Sexism Games “in tweet form,” was also acknowledged for its ability to celebrate Corey Cogdell-Unrein’s bronze medal in trapshooting without even mentioning her name. Instead, they pointed out that she’s the wife of a Chicago Bear’s lineman.

As anchor Liz Plank pointed out, “That is ace dehumanization!”

Watch the full video for stellar “backhanded body-shaming” and unbelievable feats of “Olympic Bro Appropriating.”

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