If I Ran for President... I Would...

I would announce that my Attorney General would prosecute HUMANS (meaning corporate executives) for corporate criminal conduct. Humans commit crimes. Example: 124 deaths (yes, deaths!) from known (yes, known!) defects in GM cars and no guilty executive was indicted and tried. Instead, the innocent shareholders are paying a 900 million dollar fine. That may be from your pension fund or in the increased cost of your next car

Unlike the Obama Administration (and the ones before it) I would not penalize the INNOCENT shareholders with big fines to the corporations for the criminal behavior of some.

A few perp walks, indictments, trials and substantial prison sentences would go far to straighten up corporate crime.

Why don't presidential candidates do this? For the same reason our new Attorney General let GM execs off the hook. The system is rigged against YOU.

Remember: No one went to prison for the economic crisis in 2008 -- in part brought about by accounting gimmicks. (Called fraud in my book. Fraud is when you do something dirty and you hide it. That is what those gimmicks were.)

And let me say it again... shame on Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Less than two weeks after she makes a big deal about a changed policy at the Justice Department to hold executive accountable, she lets them off the hook at GM and penalizes the shareholders and car buyers.

Cross-posted from Greta Wire.