If I Were Running for President

Donald Trump once said of the ISIS, "I would bomb the hell out of them" and I totally agree.

If I was president, I would gather my joint chiefs of staff, cabinet and top law makers in the Oval Office. I would have every aircraft carrier and military transport vehicle on standby. My chief of staff and aides would organize a global campaign of domestic and international rallies and meetings to ensure the optics were right and garner widespread support. And then I would unleash every American citizen, soldier and civilian to be as compassionate as sacrificially possible. Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco and every corner of the globe where there is violence, abuse and unrest, Americans are coming. Not because we are spreading democracy or because we are the world's police but because fighting people and dying is more expensive than feeding them. Building schools is cheaper then bombing them and rebuilding them. Lying to cover up lies is more costly than the truth. And our present way of living is costing us our present and our future.

Every bomb, I would replace with loaves of GMO-free locally grown bread and vegetables and bricks to build schools and institutions of higher learning. I would deploy the corps of engineers to hospitals for doctors and schools for teachers to treat and train the sick and the local population; and counselors would ensure there were no brothels nearby and laborers weren't exploited. Instead there would be homes for addicts and classes for those who are illiterate and out of work.

"Oh what if you're attacked? Isn't this idealistic and naive?" My response would be freedom costs time, money, energy and yes sometimes our very lives. And for the women of Allepo to know that they're not invisible and uncared for I would be willing to die.

*If you're reading this thinking - oh, this is just some puff piece or prose pegged for some "human interest" portion on the last 5 minutes of the local news. You are sorely mistaken and I am as serious as the situation in Syria, Lebonon, Lesbos and Flint, Michigan.

I would deploy communities to document undocumented people, because it's really hard to care for someone you don't know lives in your house. Every immigrant and every refugee would have a home. Not just the educated, connected ones who benefit our economy. No doubt, this would be an all out assault on ignorance, xenophobia, and abuse of power. This war at home and abroad would draft men, women and children because all play a crucial role in loving our neighbors around the corner and around the world.

If I was President, the powers that be would try to kill me because I am trying to kill their way of being. And they would be 1000% right. I want total destruction for every system of exploitation, violence, and selfishness on the planet and redemption and transformation for the people responsible. I am not scared of death or torture because the leader of this movement that I'm a part of was tortured by the government and the religious leadership. He was vilified by outsiders and the establishment. He was murdered in broad daylight and hush money shielded the guilty. And then He rose on the third day and we literally hinge time on His birth, death, and resurrection saying B.C. and A.D.

If I was President, I wouldn't form a religious state or theocracy because my leader didn't do that either. But I believe He invited all to be the best versions of themselves being measured not by how big your house is but constantly asking, how large is your heart? And have you allowed the light of love, Justice, mercy and reconciliation to drive out the darkness of greed and striving so you can feed those who are starving?

Is there really not room for one more at your table? Is there really no more room in your house? No clothing or shoes that you can spare? No money that you wouldn't give up if it meant that we all could have what we need and work together to make it happen?

If I was President, no I would not be a socialist, a socialite or king of social media but I would certainly be civil and sociable to those who hate me. I would strive to be kind to world leaders and pundits who berate me. I wouldn't need to manage my image because I would be willing to ask for forgiveness. I am flawed and sometimes I'm wrong and need accountability.

So since I think this way so deeply, I'll probably always be in a non-profit, defined by what I don't worship, contribute or organize my life around - profit. But maybe there will be a season where people demand something different in a city council member, mayor, senator or even president. Someone needed who doesn't believe we can legislate or incarcerate or militarize our way to justice, shalom and freedom.

And me, and others like me will be waiting to serve. But I won't be holding my breath. Because like Saul Williams said, "we get the leaders we deserve. ". And the table set before the american people is serving a dish of rich and connected appetizers. Greedy entrees and self-indulgent desserts. We have two options today. We can sit in the red seat or the blue seat and get a healthy helping of Hillary Clinton or a heap of Donald Trump. My fellow Americans, we ordered this. Bon apetit.